Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Stuck on Reading

    Reading motivation. It's been the subject of conferences, books, discussions, and articles too numerous to count. This year, we found a very effective motivator.
     The challenge was this.  During the month of February, students would receive a log.  They would read at least 20 minutes per night for at least 20 nights and have parents initial their logs.  Responsibly returning it to the teacher would earn them.... a piece of tape.

     But this would be special tape, for a special purpose. The duct tape would be used to stick our principals to the wall at our Read Across America celebration on the first week of March.
     SO much feedback! Parents were reporting record-breaking reading each night! I fielded questions such as "If I read 40 minutes each night, can I get twice as much tape?" or "We've got duct tape at home.  Can I bring it in and use that too?"  Our principal, Mrs. McClaine, and assistant principal, Mrs. Plumer, winners of this year's "Good Sports" awards, also received comments and many sly glances from students in the hallways.
     The month passed quickly, and our celebration was upon us.  Eager tapers lined up.

                                                                                                                                            The most amazing volunteers in the world kept everything running smoothly and kept the tape flowing!


Even teachers got in on the act.  I believe that Mrs. McClaine is asking to see proof of completion on Mrs. King's reading log.
The students read A LOT.  But would it be enough to actually to support our principals... even if the stools were removed?  Click HERE to watch the countdown!

Thanks once again to our amazing principals and to all the volunteers who made it all happen.
Thank you to Mrs. Killion for the photos shown here and to Mrs. Knepper for the video.  In fact, Mrs. Knepper was on camera duty for the entire event. All were able to watch on our "jumbotron" as she captured the exciting moments.
Stick with reading!

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  1. Best Students and Principals ever! What a fun and wonderful way to celebrate reading. Mrs. McClaine and Mrs. Plumer were brave and adventurous sports. A huge thank you to Mrs.D'Eliso for coming up with this idea. The whole school was buzzing with excitement and laughter.